Spaghetti Squash
I've never made squash before, but I've read some good things about the health benefits of spaghetti squash so I thought I might try it.
I read that spaghetti squash is a great substitute for pasta. It's low in carbs and calories and ample in antioxidants, like vitamin A and C, lutein and zeaxanthin.
The good thing about squash is that it's super easy to make.
I find that the microwave is the fastest way, 6 to 10 minutes, (the oven can take up to an hour).
I cut the squash in half beforehand to make it easier to tell when it is done cooking. You could also leave it whole and prick holes through the shell. If cut in half before put into the microwave the seeds should be scooped out and thrown away.
Next the squash goes in the microwave until the inside is soft enough that it can easily be scraped away from the inside of the squash with the tines of a fork.
After all the squash has been scraped from the insides of the squash, it can be emptied onto a plate or left in the shell of the squash.
Just pour some marinara over the squash and it's ready to eat!

2013-11-12 22.09.26

I Know You
All I want is to know you,
Really know you.
And I feel like I do,
Really know you.
Like the way you know
Your favorite song,
The one that never gets old.
That one.
You sing it all day long.
Because it gets you,
Like I get you.

And it's cool,
When you find someone,
Like that.
Like me.
Who gets you,
Who sees you.
And sometimes I wonder,
If you know me too.
Just like my favorite song.
The one I sing,
When I think of you.

It makes me desperate,
This need I have.
This knowledge of you.
I think you feel it too.
When I lay in bed,
Late at night.
I imagine you.
I imagine you.
This silly little dream,
I have.
Over and over.
Always in my head.
Like a favorite song.

All I want to know is you.
But I already do.

I'm sorry
I guess I should just start out by saying I'm sorry
It's mostly my fault and I wish someday you would read this.
Because everything seems to be happy most of the time
And then there you are again, and here I am.
I should tell you that you are the loose end of my untied knot
An unresolved issue that I can't seem to make go away.
Because I have never loved a person so much
And felt that I had let you down so awfully hard.
It's mostly my fault and I wish someday you would read this.
I remember this one time I found myself in a dark place
I didn't know it then, but I could have used you
I had no idea where you were or what you were doing
And I should have.
And I'm sorry for that.
Because I'm sure you needed me just as badly
I should apologize to you for all those awful things I said
What I meant was I miss you and can't stand that I'm losing you
It's mostly my fault and I wish someday you would read this.
And maybe you could forgive me
Because our friendship was a two way street
I can't stop thinking about those times
When we talked about growing old together
When we said forever
I just know when something doesn't feel right
And I don't feel right, this didn't end right
You know when you break up with a boy?
And it hurts so bad for a week? Maybe two?
This isn't that, it's much worse.
Because this pain isn't white hot and then cold seconds later
This is a steady kind of pain.
It's always there
But I'm just so used to it, it's hard to feel at times
But it's there, and makes its presence known at my weakest moments
The moments when I need you
And that makes this pain unbearable
I guess I should just end with saying I'm sorry
I may never speak with you again
Because I know I was a terrible best friend
It's mostly my fault and I wish someday you would read this.

What it feels like to be 22
Lonely. Being 22, I am simply just too busy to surround myself with people.
Broke. Bitch please, I have no money. I spend it all on awesome must-have stuff or paying off bills for my awesome must-have stuff.
Confused. Who am I again and what do I stand for? I am on the brink of knowing who I want to be as a person, or am I?
Crazy. So many decisions makes me absolutely insane, and I will stab the motha' fucka' who judges me.
Heartbroken. When will this knight in shining armor I saw in all the essential Disney movies as a kid finally make an appearance? I've been waiting for years now! 22 to be exact.
Disappointed. When I think "Hey! This guy could actually be worth something to me." He ends up being a dud, and like usual, I've put way too much hope into something that lets me down. Oh well.
Free. No one is telling me what to do anymore. I can be, wear, say, drink, sleep, eat, watch, kiss, and go, wherever, whatever, whenever, and however I want. Suck it.
Inspired. I have full access to the world now. The possibilities are endless.
Undefined. No more high school cliches. I don't fit into any categories, nor do I want to.
Empty. So much has and is happening to me right now, so why do I still feel like something is missing?
Judged. Why do people have to be worrying about what I'm doing? Obviously I don't have it all figured out and obviously I'm not perfect, but I'm trying and someday I will have my life pieced together.
Tired. Sleep is for the weak...haha, yeah right...
Amazed. Who knew life could be this awful and wonderful at the same time?


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